Things To Do

The list of things to do in and around Candolim is vast and although we will mention those that come to mind, we’re sure that you will find your own special corner somewhere!

Our Beaches

Candolim Beach is just a two minute walk from our resort, simply walk down the lane and get ready to laze around in the sun for as long as you like. Or take a walk along the beach to either Sinquerim or you can walk towards busier Calangute and Baga – all along the same stretch!


Candolim is one of those spots that boasts of a very wide selection of eateries within a relatively small area. Our very own restaurant ‘Karlton’s Horizon Grill’ ranks among the top 15 on Tripadvisor’s  restaurants in Candolim. The very popular ‘Cafe Chocolatti’ is right next door, they serve up some delectable cakes and other savoury items. There are innumerable other restaurants, cafes and pizzerias along the road and you are welcome to try as many as you can!

Night Life

You have three very popular clubs within a 1km radius of our property. SinQ, Cohiba and LPK. And if none of these appeal to you, all you have to do is take a stroll along the main road and find a place that hosts live music for the night. Almost everybody does – including Karlton’s Horizon Grill on Tuesdays and Fridays! 🙂


Candolim offers everything, from International designer wear to street bought clothing, shoes and accessories. And if you want something custom made just head right across the street, there’s a pretty good guy there.

For groceries you can head straight to Newton’s Supermarket or Delfino’s, both are just up the street from us.